This is something that has a whole lot of nonsense in it. I guess you could call it a stream of consciousness. I haven't done one for quite a long time, but it's fun.

Some things that have been on my mind lately are running. Am I doing it right? How long is it going to take for me to speed up? Why has it taken so long so far? I have good basic speed over short distances, but when it comes time to go for something longer my speed craps out.

I'm doing longer runs with more mileage. One of the things I've recently identified as being problematic is that I seem to have weak hips. That's likely caused by sitting for so long working. Like I'm working right now, even though it may not appear that I am, I really am. What am I doing? Well this is for a test of anchor text. I'm directing links to this page from another page on this site to see what this page can rank for.

One of the problems I faced with this test and the reason I don't think it has worked thus far is that the page may have been seen as duplicate content because it was filled with lipsum. That's not a penalty issue because we know there isn't really a penalty for duplicate content, the only problem here is that google may not have indexed the page because it saw that it was duplicate.

Something else that's pretty cool is the iphone. I love how the technology behind cameras has advanced to such a level that we don't need to carry around a separate camera all the time. It's funny that I have a video camera that I paid $1600 for back in 2005, but my iphone 5S has a much better camera in it and takes much better videos and images. The HD camera produces grainy images, even though it has advantages such as a microphone jack in that doesn't require a separate power source. Unlike the iphone, which inexplicably needs its own power source for an external microphone.

This is the story I wanted to tell in this short article. I've taken maybe 3 minutes to get to this point, which is more time than most elite male runners take to run a kilometer. Which is pretty insane when you think about it. Most people's top speed is the speed that elite runners can hold for 42.2km. That's incredible and a testament to all the work they put in. One of the biggest reasons why people stay at the level they are at is because they don't work hard enough. It's something I ask myself every day: am I actually working hard enough, or am I preoccupied with busy work? That's all I have for today because I've fulfilled the purpose of this file.